Slideshow rev. 2 (by Craig Burden)

A basic slideshow app

Images must be JPEG format and equal to or less than 135x240px (Note that images are displayed in the same orientation as the default app launcher, so portrait) The image directory can be changed in the source, but by default it is 'apps/slideshow/images'. You will need to make sure that this directory exists

Images need to be uploaded using, which you can find in /tools in your micropython instance

  python3 tools/ --no-soft-reset -d <port> -f cp <path to image> :<path to image directory>


You can use the joystick to control the slide show.

  • Up/Down: Adjust the speed of the slideshow

  • Left/right: Jump to the next or previous image

  • Center: Play/pause the slideshow (You can still jump manually)

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