Sigil Maker rev. 3 (by tupto)

Sigil Maker

Inspired by Matt Carroll's talk on Computational Alchemy I have started my own journey into Technomancy. What better way to start than by authoring a sigil making tool for the TiDAL.

How to use

  • Begin by writing out your magical intent, e.g. "I am a wizard". Some occultists prefer using present tense "I am" or "I do" rather than future tense "I will" when creating their sigils, but sigil making is a very personal process so use what works for you.
  • Remove the vowels and duplicate letters from your intent. "mwzrd"
  • Open the Sigil Maker and begin constructing a sigil incorporating the various shapes of letters found in your spell. Use the joystick to move the cursor, click A to add a point, click B to remove a point.
  • (optional) Meditate on your sigil and think on your intent
  • Charge the sigil through destruction! Turn off your TiDAL.

Made by tupto

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