neopixel_rave rev. 1 (by chris)

Wire up some WS2812/Neopixels to your badge and display some simple patterns.


  • Joystick adjusts patterns and brightness
  • Patterns: Rainbow, slower rainbow, all on, all off, 3Hz flash
  • Currently up to 80 supported, easy to change by editing the code.
  • Adjustable (in code) max brightness to save power


There is probably some issue with this wiring, the LEDs often come on dimly after powering up.


I soldered to the input pin of the Torch LED D1 (see the schematics) but J3 pin 1 would also work (and be a bit easier)

I initially tried just using the expansion pins, but without a level shifter (already present for the torch) the WS2812 won't work.


An LED strip requires quite a bit more power than the badge battery can likely take, and 5V rather than 3.3V. I have the power line connected to the 5V pad on the top board. I also soldered a USB cable to the pads on the top board, so I can power the strip (and the badge) from a USB power bank. If you have a USB-C power bank, this isn't needed.

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