Euclidean Tides rev. 6 (by Giles Greenway)

Euclidean Tides

(Eucliean rhythms on the EMFcamp 2022

Tidal Badge)

Here's looking at Euclid
Celebrate years
Here's looking at Euclid
Wipe away tears
Long time since we're together
Now I hope it's forever

-Roxy Music, "2HB", probably.

If you connect the GPIO pins of your badge to the supplied header, and thence to TRS sockets, you get two pairs of Euclidean rhythms.

If you don't, you just get a blinkenlicht.

breadboard with breakout board and TRS sockets

A set of three integers produces two rhythms for each TRS socket, select the parameter with joystick left/right and alter them with joystick up/down. Stop and start the sequence with joystick centre.

It can look and sound a little like this. Behold, the code and my SoundCloud.

On Sunday, I guerilla noise-bombed an abandoned container in Null-Sector:

Previous "Aggrorhythmic Composition":

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