Doom! rev. 8 (by Phlash)

Does it run DOOM?

Yes it does! Please note this is still somewhat a Work In Progress on my Sourcehut, so there are caveats..

what works

  • Loading the game and playing with basic input controls (no strafe, no ascii)
  • Options, menus, all the demo levels.

what's not right yet

  • No sound - not enabled in doomgeneric that this is based on, but possible to restore this setting, if we can get audio out of the badge.. WIP.
  • Quitting does not restore the menu properly - press BUTTON_FRONT near the screen

caveat executor!

When run, the python app will overwrite the currently unused OTA partition with the DOOM binary, beware if you were relying on this for rollback of micropython!

pain point..

The hatchery won't allow me to upload the (compressed) DOOM1.WAD, as it's 'too big' :( The python wrapper script should grab a copy from my Sourcehut and into the app folder on the device.. if that fails for some reason, then you'll have to copy to the device manually (using - see Github README)


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